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Meet the Author | Westchester Jewish Council

Meet Inge Katz, Ruth Bahar, and Elise Garibaldi. Hear one family's story, beginning in 1938 in Bremen, Germany and continuing to this day right here in Westchester, a testament to faith, determination and continuity linking three generations with each other and with relatives past, present and future. Through their words, learn how a granddaughter began to trace her grandmother's journey and discovered not only how hope and love endured and triumphed over the evil of the Holocaust, but in the process unlocked an emtional lifeline that bloomed and continues to thrive, from generation to generation.

The evening will include readings from Elise Garibaldi's book, Roses in a Forbidden Garden, a presentation of artifacts from the Katz family history, and a special opportunity to hear the author interview her grandmother. Signed copes of Elise Garibaldi's book will be available for purchase.

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