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About the Author

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Elise Garibaldi, an Amazon Best-Selling author, playwright, and songwriter, knew from the time she first began hearing her grandparents’ stories, how important it was to preserve them for future generations. With that in mind- their tribulations and refusal to allow what they endured to dominate their lives for the rest of their days- Elise Garibaldi became determined to ensure that what her grandparents had experienced would not be forgotten.

While many Holocaust accounts are either strictly historical, or else fiction, Elise Garibaldi has fused the two writing styles to present Roses in a Forbidden Garden and Never Enough: the Carl Katz Story, in a way that is both historically accurate and a page-turner. The author provides this moving approach to involve those who were not there with a semblance of what it was like to be a victim of Hitler’s gruesome Final Solution; not only physically, but socially, emotionally, and physiologically as well.

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