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A man hunted by the Nazis long after the fall of the Third Reich. In this stranger than fiction, critically acclaimed, true story, Carl Katz contends for survival against a relentless enemy. 


“The story is wild… [it]sounds like fiction, but it is all true… a reality that might seem too strange and too crazy for us today.”

- Leo Baeck Institute, New York, & Berlin


“Meticulously researched and superbly written… an enormously important contribution… [and a] potent antidote to the increasingly prevalent distortion of history…”

- World Jewish Congress

In this much anticipated sequel to the bestselling, Roses in a Forbidden Garden: A Holocaust Love Story, Never Enough follows the defiant, German-born, Katz as he navigates Hitler’s Germany. We shadow his harrowing life and death journey—from his years of incarceration, starvation, and torture, to his desperate plays to keep his family safe from the deadly grasp of

Hitler’s Final Solution. Forced to make vital decisions at every turn, his unwillingness to succumb sparks outrage and vengeance from his would-be executioners.

With the perpetrators of his past continuously pursuing him, Katz learns that old habits certainly die hard in the Fatherland. 

In this rarely before seen glimpse of life in post war Germany, this plot-turning, crime thriller will leave you breathlessly wondering—will justice ever fall on the right side of history?

"A complete and truthful investigation... [it] strengthened my resolve to fight antisemitism and racism." - Frank-Walter Steinmeier, President of the Federal Republic of Germany

"A compelling account informed by German postwar history." - Kirkus Reviews

"This is a masterpiece." -The International Review of Books

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Amidst the unspeakable horrors of Hitler’s Concentration Camps, a young German girl finds beauty and love for a man that will span a lifetime.

This story is the true account of Inge Katz; the striking daughter of a successful businessman who meets and falls in love with a handsome fellow inmate. But when he gets shipped “Out East” to a Death Camp, 

she goes years not knowing if he is alive or dead. Her love for this man endures against all odds – from Nazi rifles, to starvation, to disease, to assaults of allied fire. But as time passes without word or confirmation of his survival, should she remain loyal, or, as everyone suggests, move on with another?

2017 & 2021 American Book Fest Award Finalists in History and True Crime

Never Enough German edition to be released May 9, 2023. Premiere at Bremen's Focke Museum

The Rock Musical adaptation of the Best-Selling book, Roses in a Forbidden Garden, showcase performances 2018- 19!

Recent Events:

English language follow up book to Roses released Fall 2021!!!

November 2022: Renaming of SZ Neustadt Schule in Bremen,  Germany to the Inge Katz Schule !!!

Roses in a Forbidden Garden Ranked #7 on the Best Love Story in Books List by!

Launch of German translation of Roses in Berlin and Bremen, Germany Dec 2018!





"Elise captured [her grandparents'] surreal yet completely real romance that gave them hope through the horrors they experienced."

Menachem Rosensaft-   General Counsel of the World Jewish Congress

"Roses in a Forbidden Garden is a not-to-be-missed memoir, awesome and awful at the time. It tells the inspiring story of how love and faith can be nurtured in the most horrific of situations and even ultimately triumph."

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin-  Chancellor of Ohr Torah Stone and Chief Rabbi of Efrat.

"Roses in a Forbidden Garden is an inspiring book. Inge and Schmuel fall in love and dare to dream in a place where death reigns. It is a story of the triumph of human dignity that provides the perfect antidote to the nihilistic hate of Nazism."

Doron Ben-Atar- Author and Professor at Fordham University, New York City.

"Giving voice to her grandmother's experience, Roses in a Forbidden Garden reveals the very humanity Nazism sought to destroy. Deeply personal, tragic, sad and hopeful, Roses invites us to respectfully "overhear"  the everyday hopes and fears of those trying to survive. Beautifully written, Roses allows us to respectfully mourn what was lost while offering numerous moments when keeping the moral core trumped despair. It is a life-giving account lovingly passed on through the generations." 

Thomas White- Coordinator of Educational Outreach, Cohen Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies.


"We can never learn enough from survivors about their efforts to resist dehumanization during the Holocaust. The story of Inge Katz's experiences in Theresienstadt is an extraordinarily fine edition to the genre, as it includes three remarkable profiles- that of her father, who's integrity helps save lives, that of her efforts to stay sane in an utterly unnatural setting, and that of the man she later married whose adventures as an escaped prisoner attest to the power of love to help keep one going. Taken together the profiles underline our ability even in extremes to take and keep to the High Road."

Professor Arthur B. Shostak- PhD Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Drexel University.

"This book is an important historical document in every way. Even if you do not have personal access to the family of Carl Katz, it describes the life of a Bremen family under Nazi tyranny."

Thomas Hesslau- Entrepreneur, Bremen, Germany


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